Soljans Vineyard Cafe

This Queen’s Birthday Weekend we decided to head to Kumeu for a day of wine tasting and a really nice lunch. We’d heard great things about the cafe at Soljans Vineyard. It has been selected as one of Auckland’s Top 40 restaurants and so we knew we were in for some really good food.


A bright and airy dining room greeted us with a roaring fire in the corner. Perfect for a crisp wintry day!

We started  with the Freshly Baked Cobb with Camembert and Prosciutto and the Beef Terrine wrapped in Prosciutto.


Upon hearing the Camembert would be served in a bread bowl we couldn’t wait for this starter to arrive. The bread was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside while the accompanying olive oil and balsamic vinegar was of a very high quality. The accompanying kumara was sweet and nicely seasoned. We would’ve liked a bit more Camembert but that’s just a small niggle in an otherwise delicious dish.


The beef terrine was meaty in flavour and well seasoned. Alex would’ve preferred it a little tastier as French terrine is usually a little spicier but this didn’t majorly detract from the dish.


When ordering pork belly there’s always the worry that it won’t be crispy but a limp fatty piece of meat. The Slow Roasted Pork Belly at Soljans was a huge portion of perfectly crispy pork served with a tasty red wine jus, al dente broccoli and Lyonnaise kumara.


Moroccan Rubbed Lamb Shank with truffle oil mash, beans and tomato red wine jus was comforting and warming on this chilly day. Slow cooked shank, the meat fell slowly away from the bone and the pillowly soft mash soaked up the flavoursome jus perfectly.

A mere 30 minutes from the city we wholeheartedly recommend Soljans Cafe for a nice little escape from the bustle of the CBD. Throw in tasty, well made food and what more could you ask for?

Soljans Cafe

366 State Highway 16, Kumeu 0841

Tel: 09 412 5858



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