Federal Delicatessen

Sometimes you just need a bit of Americana in your life. At times like this you either want to head off to a drive-in movie or plonk yourself down in a diner with pie served up by the slice and waitresses in 1950s retro outfits.

Luckily a place exactly like this exists in Auckland and is located on Federal Street. The brainchild of Al Brown, this Jewish inspired deli dishes up treats such as poutine, bottomless coffee and pastrami sandwiches.


Take a pew in one of the booths or at the counter where you can watch all the action and feel really amongst the hustle and bustle of the orders being prepared and sent out.


We started with a Fed classic – Chicken Salad Sandwich with chicken skin crackling, iceberg lettuce and dipping gravy. This dish is really popular as we saw lots of them going out to tables. The chicken is straight off the rotisserie grill and the crunch of the skin on top gives it an extra special touch. The gravy is rich, moreish and there’s nothing more satisfying than dipping that sandwich in!


We also ordered the Street Dog – an NYC style hotdog with cart relish. The relish really elevated this dish but if you’re hungry order something to accompany this as it was a lot smaller than we expected!


No visit to the Fed would be complete without sampling the Canadian staple of Montreal Poutine. We ordered the large portion to share and it was comfort food at its best! Smothered in the same gravy that came with the chicken sandwich and melting cheese curds we didn’t leave a single chip!


Don’t forget to leave room for a slice of pie, either take some home or eat in – either way don’t leave without one! Choose from NY Cheesecake, Pumpkin Pie, Banana & Toffee Pie or Lemon Meringue. There is even an option for a 3 way combo of any 3 pies.

So if you’ve been watching too much Grease and have a yearning for a milkshake and some pie in a typical American diner – the Fed’s your answer!

Federal Delicatessen

86 Federal Street


Tel: 09 363 7184


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  1. Content Catnip says:

    I don’t know, everything I’ve had there seemed a bit meh…but the decor is nice


    1. Really? Maybe we went on a good day but would definitely like to go again and try some other menu items 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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